Card Info

Battles in Rise of Mythos are played out using cards. Each player will enter battle with their own deck which can be comprised of up to a maximum of 30 cards. You can build your deck using any number of creature and skill cards.

Name and Rarity

The name of the card is clearly displayed at the top. The color of the name and the number of stars below the name denotes the rarity of the card.

  • Common Cards have one star and white text.
  • Good Cards have two stars and green text.
  • Rare Cards have three stars and blue text.
  • Epic Cards have four stars and purple text.
  • Legendary Cards have five stars and orange text.
  • Godlike Cards have six stars and red text.


Each card has a countdown timer in the top left represented by a number against an hourglass. This represents the number of turns remaining before a card can be played in the battle.

Card Information


The top right corner contains the symbol for the card’s faction. In this case, the green fleur de lys represent the Elven Faction.

Attack and Damage Type:

The number in the bottom left corner tells us how much damage the card does each attack, while the symbol behind it denotes the type of damage. In this case: physical damage.


The number in the bottom right is the creature’s total life. As a creature takes damage, this number will go down. Once it reaches zero, the creature will be destroyed and moved to your graveyard.

Special Abilities:

Some creature cards will have special abilities. When displayed in your hand or when unselected, these abilities will be listed on the card as shown to the right. You can always mouse over a card wherever you are viewing it to bring up an expanded view that will explain what the special abilities do in more detail.

Skill Cards

Skill Card

Each class has its own unique set of skill cards which can be used during a battle, and players of one class will not be able to utilize skill cards belonging to another class. These cards are laid out similarly to creature cards, but will never have an attack or life score. Instead, each card will have a special effect shown in the same way as a creature card’s special abilities.

Creature Cards

Creature Cards can come from one of seven different factions. You can freely mix and match what factions are represented in your deck, with no restrictions.



A sure and steady people, humans are a very well rounded faction to bring to the battlefield. Their infantry is ever vigilant and heavily armored, helping to keep them in the fight longer. Their Templars and Paladins can also heal damaged units. Their Calvary is swift and fearsome, and their Mercenaries are well rounded combatants.



Elves have a deep connection to magic and nature. They have the best archers in the world and their priestesses are powerful Clerics and Mages who command the power of the gods, to wield powerful elemental magic. Their Cavalry ride into battle on winged pegasi, soaring over the enemy front lines.



Part man and part animal, the Halfbloods are comprised of a variety of races. Feles make excellent scouts and assassins. Centaurs thunder into battle with bow and lance, while the fierce Tengu fly overhead and attack enemies from behind.



Zombies advance the front lines, and may revive immediately upon defeat. Horrifying vampires will steal the life force of their enemies to heal themselves, while ghosts attack from a distance dealing shadow damage, demoralizing enemy troops and may return to their commander’s hand to be summoned again once defeated.



The Goblin Horde steadily advances across the field of battle. They show little fear and excel in the use of poisons and counter attacks.



The rage of the Ogres is terrifying to behold. These monstrous creatures can regenerate life once wounds have been inflicted, stun enemy troops with massive boulders they use as weapons, and have been known to become even more powerful when angered.



Magical beasts can be truly frightening when released on the field of battle. Swift and deadly hounds stalk their prey relentlessly, and Hell Hounds breathe fire at their enemies. Powerful armored thunder lizards may move slow, but their lightning breath can stun opposing forces, while deadly disease ridden bats can infect enemy troops before moving to their next victim.

Creature Abilities

Some creatures in Rise of Mythos have special abilities that not all other creatures have. Here’s a list of some of the more common special abilities you can find on cards in game:

Ambush: Attack score doubled for first attack.
Armor X: Reduces physical damage by X.
Attack X: Increases the attack score of all friendly creatures by X. May be specific to cards of one faction (i.e. Beasts).
Backstab: When possible, will attack enemy creature directly behind it with a double attack.
Bleeding Attack: Damaged creatures cannot be healed for 5 turns.
Bow: +3 Range, Archer.
Cavalry: +2 Movement.
Charge 1: For each two squares this creature moves, it gains +1 attack for its next attack. Deals double damage to Archers.
Cone of Fire: Attacks target creature and all creatures and heroes adjacent in a 2x3 area.
Counter Attack: When attacked by a creature in range it will retaliate.
Cure X: Restores X life to the most damaged friendly creature each turn.
Decay X: Damaged creatures take X shadow damage at the end of their next turn.
Dishearten X: Damaged creatures gain -X attack for 5 turns.
Distraction: Increases the countdown of a random card in an enemy hero’s hand by 1 each turn.
Drain Life: +2 Range. Converts all damage dealt to life.
Ember: +2 Range. Damaged creatures take 1 fire damage at the end of their next turn.
Faith X: When this creature heals another unit, it gains +X life and +X Attack.
Fear: Has a 25% chance of returning a random enemy creature within range to its owner’s hand.
Flying: Can pass over non-flying creatures.
Frost Bolt: +2 Range. Damaged creatures have a 50% chance of being unable to move for one turn.
Heavy Crossbow: +2 Range. Cannot attack after moving. Archer.
Hero’s Bane X: Deals X fire damage to an enemy hero each turn.
Heroic X: When this creature deals damage, it gains +X Attack.
Hit and Run: Creature moves backwards after attacking.
Holy Light: +2 Range. Damage dealt cannot be reduced, and creatures killed cannot use Resurrect or Soulbound.
Icy Blast: +2 Range. Damaged Creatures will be knocked back 2 squares.
Immolation X: This creature takes X fire damage each turn.
Impale: Attacks target creature and the creature or hero immediately behind it.
Incorporeal: Reduces physical damage taken to 1.
Inspiration X: Reduces the countdown of the card with the highest countdown in its owner’s hand by 1.
Knock Back: Damaged creatures will be knocked back by two squares.
Life X: All other friendly creatures gain X life. May be specific to one faction.
Lightning Breath: Damaged creatures have a 50% chance of missing their next turn.
Longbow: +4 range. Archer. Deals double damage to flying creatures.
Lumbering: -1 movement.
Negates Flight: Prevents enemy creatures from passing over.
Nimble: Cannot be targeted by single target skills.
Rage X: Whenever this creature takes damage, it gains +1 Attack.
Reanimate: When this creature dies, it has a 33% chance to resurrect in its current square. Can only activate once.
Regeneration X: Creature restores X life each turn.
Repeating Crossbow: +2 Range. Attacks twice each round if able. Archer.
Resistance X: Reduces magic damage taken by X.
Retaliate X: When this creature is dealt melee damage, it will retaliate for X irreducible damage.
Savage Attack X: All other friendly Goblins and Ogres gain +X attack.
Shadow Bolt: +2 Range. Deals 0% - 200% damage randomly.
Shortbow: +2 Range. Archer.
Sniper: Attacks the enemy creature or hero with the lowest life within range.
Soulbound: Upon dying, has a 50% chance of returning to its owner’s hand.
Spear: +1 Range. Deals double damage to creatures with the ability Cavalry.
Sprint: +1 movement.
Stun: Damaged creatures have a 50% chance of being unable to move for 1 turn.
Sunder Armor: Damage dealt cannot be reduced.
Tower: Cannot move.
Toxic Blade X: Damaged creatures will take X shadow damage at the end of their turn for 5 turns.
Toxic Splash X: When this creature is dealt melee damage, attackers will take X shadow damage at the end of each turn.
Vampirism: Converts all physical damage dealt to life.
Vigilance: Can attack adjacent enemies, attacking backwards in preference.
Wall: Cannot move or attack.
Whirlwind: Attacks all enemy creatures or heroes in adjacent squares.doubled for first attack.

Collecting Cards

As you collect more cards belonging to each faction, you’ll earn rewards based on the percentage of each faction or class’ card you have collected. Collect all the cards in a set to earn increasingly powerful rewards!

You can earn more cards by completing quests, completing various challenges in the game, or by purchasing booster packs or individual cards in the shop and/or Auction House.

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